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Stomach Botulinum Toxin

Gastric Botox is one of the non-surgical obesity treatments that are applied endoscopically, aiming to slow down stomach movements by injecting botulinum toxin at a certain depth into certain areas of the stomach. The aim is to create a feeling of satiety and to reduce the feeling of hunger.
*The operations are performed with the sediation.
* The foreseen and possible procedure time is 20 minutes
* No admission is required


SLEEVE GASTRECTOMYThis operation, which is popularly referred to as a Tube Stomach, is the surgery most frequently used by obesity surgeons. It is performed by laparoscopic method and the abdomen is entered through 4 small incisions, approximately 80% of the stomach is removed. The ghrelin hormone, which we call the appetite hormone, is removed from the fundus part of the stomach, where it is mainly secreted, so that the appetite of the individuals is cut after the operation.
However, the volume of the stomach decreases and the food portions are also reduced thus, after the surgery, you begin to lose weight quickly. The patient needs to eat less because she/he will feel full constantly. You will have a full check-up before the operation. After the full control, your suitability is approved and you will be operated. It can be applied to individuals who have attempted to lose weight with diet and exercise many times and have failed and whose body mass index is 38-40 and higher


GASTRIC BYPASSGastric Bypass surgery is technically created by taking the small intestine from a certain segment and making an upward connection to the shrinking stomach. The rest of the stomach is not removed as in sleeve gastrectomy. However, there is no food entrance to the remaining stomach. Gastric juices and enzymes continue to be produced for digestion and absorption of nutrients from the rest of the stomach. Patients with Gastric Bypass both eat less food and take less calories due to the reduction of the stomach, and a decrease in the absorption of high-calorie foods taken due to the transition from the remaining small stomach to the small intestine is created, and in this way, it also provides weight loss. After the full control, your suitability is approved and you will be operated.


METABOLIC SURGERYWidely known as diabetes and diabetes surgery, metabolic surgery has also become a remedy for diseases such as hypertension, obesity, Type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol. When metabolic syndrome diseases are left untreated, they cause a significant decrease in the quality of life of the person and create serious situations that affect our lives. In our country, the success rate has increased in recent years and thousands of cases have been operated with this method and regained their health.